it took a ridiculously long time, but we made it!

some tidbits -

we flew with Lufthansa on the 830 airbus to be exact - a double decker which was interesting in itself.
the stewardess (serious awesomeness) made the bottles for me, didn't give me any problems with the infant seat, made sure we were well fed and were overall friendly and professional - yeah Lufthansa!
had two fellow passengers, both dads who were willing to listen to and entertain my five year old who managed to sleep all of one hour of the 15 we traveled. the other made it possible for me to exit without complaint each time a diaper had to be changed and made no comment despite the constant babble and at times crying of a one year old who also managed to sleep a total of one hour on the place out of 15 total. BUT the biggest and best news was that no one threw up! and that in a nutshell was all I really cared about! Thank goodness for dramamine!

i should add a thank you to my parents who put up with us the last two months, before we left! i can't imagine being retirement age and dealing with a 1, 5 and 14 year old (horrible stages, right?!) on a daily basis -  and to the hubby who stayed calm as my fourteen year old and I got off the plane sleep deprived and starving, ( did I mention that the plan left at 4 in the afternoon and we landed at 2 in the morning, no sleep?!) we were not the most pleasant or patient people to deal with.

anyways, the jet lag left us just in time for Labor Day weekend. mind you just a few days prior, we slept to one in the afternoon, each time thinking it was seven or eight in the morning! we still have one or two boxes left to unpack. i call them the miscellaneous boxes, but that's just a nice way to say junk i should have gotten rid of before we moved.

we've ventured out to the main base and downtown quire a bit. we plan on sight seeing around the mid month, everything should be in order then! can't wait to show the kids castles and other attractions Germany has to offer!

there's a ton more to share, but i'm hungry and a bit tired and that's not a good combo when you are trying to organize your thoughts!

til then, best wishes!